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Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform for meeting rooms, training and webinars. It powers mission critical web conferencing solutions end-to-end, on virtually any device, and enables organizations form leading corporations to the U.S. Department of defense to fundamentally improve productivity.

Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms

Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms is a solution that enables user to go beyond screen sharing and collaborate or meet far more effectively with colleagues, partners, and customers - anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device.

Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms offers collaboration across firewalls on virtually any device, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry PlayBook, as well as the desktop with no client downloads for participants. The users can drive effective collaboration directly from mobile device, with nearly all of the hosting and collaboration capabilities on the desktop tailored for mobile use, including hosting, presenting, file sharing, whiteboarding, breakout sessions, using emoticons and more.

With Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms users can create own customized, always-on URL for digital meetings and completely brand the environment, and securely store all of the files, documents, layouts and notes in a persistent manner – where they will stay exactly as user last left them at the end of the day, ready for immediate reuse at any time.

Users can record meetings, edit them, and republish to the content library for widespread on-demand access. The investments of Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms can be maximized through integration with existing infrastructure.

Adobe Connect Webinars

Adobe Connect Webinars is an all-in-one solution for digital marketing events, that helps user deliver compelling, immersive events; maximize attendance; and measure results to identify the most relevant leads and optimize campaign investments. Adobe Connect Webinars is the ideal solution for any organization committed to delivering truly impactful events to showcase products, services, and ideas.

With Adobe Connect Webinars users can rapidly leverage branding and calls to action that will drive traffic to registration page and expose message to wider audiences.Users will save time and get webinars off to a great start by planning ahead. Leverage persistent meeting rooms and templates that allow users to prepare an event environment once and reuse it continuously, also maximize reach by enabling participants to join events from virtually any device, with simplified access and reminders to ensure users don't miss your event.

Adobe Connect Webinars provides tools that help users communicate their message with the greatest impact - including intuitive event layouts and controls, dynamic multimedia content and video streaming without additional downloads, social media integration, and real-time engagement monitoring tools.

On-demand (Hosted)

Start collaborating immediately with just a Web browser, Flash and an internet connection. Adobe manages everything for you so there’s no complicated hardware or software to install, setup or maintain.

An Adobe on-demand deployment offers:

  • Immediate account access
  • Low initial investment
  • Reliable, redundant system architecture
  • High-bandwidth Tier 1 hosting center
  • Annual subscription contract (annual maintenance and support included)


Deploy Adobe Connect behind your firewall and integrate it with your existing IT infrastructure, giving you complete control over how you set up and manage your environment.

An on-premise deployment offers:

  • Choice of the network topology that meets your organization's reliability, scalability and accessibility requirements
  • Integration with your organization's existing video telephony devices supporting SIP/H.264, servers and applications, such as VoIP, LDAP directory server, Jabber, and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Ability to customize and extend the capabilities of your Adobe Connect software solution
  • Control over usage and maintenance costs
  • Ability to optimize performance with edge servers
  • A perpetual license agreement (annual maintenance and support fees required)